Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Song: "Jesus - The Begginning, The Way, The End"

I have written a new song which I am dedicating to the people suffering in Iraq and Syria.

Youtube Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9msjXKf7Fo


The world is broken
There is suffering
There is pain
There is loneliness

Souls are searching
Searching for healing
Searching for answers
searching for meaning, searching for purpose
Searching for peace
Searching for freedom
Searching for true love … Life ... Life in abundance

Good News ... for all searching …

At the end of all our search
Stands a Man (named-)Jesus
He has all the answers

He has all the keys  
He has all the healing
He has all the freedom
He has all the love


Souls find meaning
Souls find purpose
(When Souls find Jesus)
(When Souls find Jesus)
Souls find answers
Souls find truth

Souls find healing
Souls find freedom
(When Souls find Jesus)
(When Souls find Jesus)
Souls find rest
Souls find comfort

Souls find peace
Souls find joy
(When Souls find Jesus)
(When Souls find Jesus)
Souls find strength
Souls find mercy

Souls find friend
Souls find love
(When Souls find Jesus)
(When Souls find Jesus)
Souls find food  
Souls find LIFE …  life in abundance

The-Lord did say in this broken sinful world we will have trouble …
But-rejoice, Jesus has-overcome all the troubles, all the pain,
all the injustice, all the darkness, all the deaths, all the diseases, of this world  
So, we can now count on Jesus in our times of troubles, darkness, brokenness
He gives souls wings of eagle and strengths of many lions
And, for me, I know my pains and suffering won’t go wasted …

God is using them to prepare me for greater things … yeaa ...


@ Mitul Saha

Credits:- https://freesound.org : 238913, 195940, 361529, 92734

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